Power with Nanotechnologies


Power devices using micro- and nano- technogolies are currently under research and development at IMEP-Lahc, a research institute in the Minatec Innovation Center, Grenoble-France. This website is dedicated to providing information on energy harvesters and energy control devices, based on MEMS, NEMS and micro/nanodevices. Our research includes design,simulation and modeling, technology and characterization, up to prototypes.

Applications are such as autonomous systems, portable devices.

This website is underconstruction, thus please come back later or email us for additionnal info.

  • Mechanical Energy Havesting: go to www.PiezoNEMS.com
  • Photovoltaïcs: 3rd generation PV & Concentrated PhotoVoltaïcs
  • Thermoelectric Energy Havesting: in close collaboration with CEA-Liten

More info:

"Integrated Micro & Nano Devices for Energy Harvesting & Control",
L. Montès, R. Hinchet, X. Xu, A. Potié, B. Bercu, G. Ardila, P. Morfouli, M. Mouis,
S. Stein, D. Hauser, G. Savelli, R. Songmuang, B. Salem, T. Baron,
Journées NanoMicroTechnologies aux services de l’énergie, 29-30 novembre 2012, Lyon, France.


More info: info@powernems.com

Ph: +33 456.529.527


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